Assembling a home obstacle course for the Elegoo Tumbller robot to navigate… along with some design upgrades.

Beefy title aye? That’s because it is jam packed with lots of exciting stuff. Welcome back to another exciting blog on the Elegoo Tumbller Self-Balancing Robot Car. It’s the part we have all been waiting for…. lets see this little robot in action woo woo!

Looks cool right?

Design Upgrades.

To provide the robot with the ability to collect the ping pong balls when they’re launched, an attachment to the robot must be added. I chose to fashion a metal box to the top of the robot to act as a catching basket for the fired balls. With the metal boxes top surface area of 11.5cm by 11.5cm it just about managed to fit the requirement to have the max surface area of the basket holding the ping-balls to 133cm² (approx perimeter of 340g cereal box). Mine fell below that thankfully and this should earn me some bonus points woo.

The robot smiling with his new attachment.

EwM 3rd Year TCD